President's Volunteer Service Award FAQs


1. Who can receive a PVSA award?
All registered members of the Boy Scout Troop 103 are eligible to apply for the award provided that they are United States citizens or lawfully admitted permanent residents of the United States. All applicants must achieve the required number of hours of service over a 12-month time period - or cumulative hours over 4,000 over the course of a lifetime. All hours must be verified by the Troop 103 PVSA administrator.

2. What types of service are recognized?
The only service requirements are that the volunteer is not paid for the service and that the service efforts are not court ordered. 

3. When I set up a record of service account, why does it ask if I’m older than 14?
Boys 14 and under can participate, but an adult must sign them up.

4. Can I add the hours that I volunteer for an organization other than Troop 103? 

5. Can I just enter “Boy Scouts”?
No, your entry must clearly indicate service, i.e.: "Scouting for Food".

6. Is the PVSA “year” like a Boy Scout year?
No, it is the calendar year.

7. Do we have to buy the awards we earn?
No, Troop 103 will provide them.

8. How do we get the awards?
A: Individual records are reviewed and the resulting awards are ordered quarterly; they will be presented at the Court of Honor.

9. How many awards can I earn in a calendar year?
One, but all of your volunteer hours over the years can be used towards a Lifetime Award.

10. Can I get the same award more than once?
Yes, you are eligible to receive one award a year of any level.

6. What is a Record of Service Key?
It links your hours to Troop 103 – ours is JWL-5086.

7. What is included with the award?
Award packages may include one of the three award features:

- Personalized certificate of achievement
- Official President’s Volunteer Service Award pin, medallion or coin
- Congratulatory letter from the President of United States

8. Can volunteers purchase their own awards?
No.  All awards must be ordered and paid for by a Certifying/Leadership Organization. 

9. What if I still have questions?