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Troop 103 History

Troop 103 was officially chartered as a new troop in April 2005. The chartering organization is Saint Simon’s Parish and Fr. Tony Mancusso was its pastor. The founding Scoutmaster was Ken Siler, who had been a scout leader in a nearby troop and was then the Stanford District Commissioner. Mr. Siler leveraged his Scouting experience, his love of the outdoors and his enjoyment in participating in the growth of boys into adulthood. While starting with just a few scouts, Troop 103 has grown into great troop with the best scouts and a “Gold” level program. 

Troop 103 prides itself on developing the best scouts, developing their ethical and moral character, providing them significant opportunities in leadership, and getting them to the Eagle rank.

Troop 103 history dates back into the 1960s and 1970s when Mr. Jerry Panec and Mr. Michael Pittner were Troop 103 Scoutmasters. 

We are grateful to Mr. Pittner who shared some interesting memories from those days. Enjoy!

"The selection of photos suggests that we, too, like your troop, went on many hikes, camping trips, snow trips, etc.  Some highlights include a 50-mile trek along the crest of the Sierras (John Muir Trail), a hike around Mt. Hood (where some of us almost mutinied when confronted by deep snow, but we trekked on), bike riding along the 17-mile drive in Monterey, etc.

Happy Scouting!